Build a log home – leave a legacy


With its innate physical properties, timber construction, a traditional, yet inherently modern building method, lends itself to playing a significant role in mitigating greenhouse gas emissions and offering a kinder, aesthetically pleasing energy efficient building option that has been in use for centuries.

This type of construction is unique in that it has the potential for carbon-neutrality, or even a negative carbon footprint, and is supported by trees, a renewable and sustainable resource if harvested from responsibly managed plantations. Throughout its life, the tree absorbs CO2 from the atmosphere and gives off life-giving O2 and once it is felled and repurposed, the timber continues to fix this CO2 throughout its lifetime.

Did you know? For every cubic metre of timber, one ton of carbon is absorbed from the atmosphere. 

The many benefits of timber frame construction for the architect, specifier, builder, consumer, environment and the green economy dovetail on a number of key points, such as its financial viability and investment potential, its versatility and ready acceptance in terms of macro and micro design input and its unique propensity to carry bulk insulation materials for optimal energy efficiency.

For the builder, timber construction is a ‘cleaner’, lightweight material that translates to quick construction time, minimal site impact and that makes building on sloping, otherwise inaccessible sites with unstable soil conditions a possibility.

In terms of durability, a correctly built timber frame structure has a significant life span, a strength-to-weight ratio that outperforms conventional building materials’, and good performance under fire conditions.

With the solid backing of centuries of use, timber, as a building material, has stood the test of time. This reliability underpins its natural design flexibility, potential carbon neutrality, and gentle ecological footprint for a truly modern, forward-thinking construction material that is poised to serve an ever-growing market of environmentally conscious and responsible individuals.

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